Tri State Metal Company is the industry-leading metals dealer, creating customized scrap management programs for both non-ferrous and ferrous metals. A family business built upon integrity, our customers know they will receive the maximum amount of payment from us in a minimum amount of time. We pay our customers on time, every time.

Tri State Metal Company is focused on providing customers with as much value as possible. Let us provide you with all the necessary shipment equipment, and rely on our fast and flexible fleet of trucks that can pick-up/deliver same-day or whenever to accommodate your specific needs.

Besides our customers, equally important to us is the environment. We strictly adhere to all industry regulations and we’re proud of our record of compliance with all oversight and regulatory agencies.

Tri State Metal Company has a 99% customer retention rate


As an industry-leading scrap dealer, we pride ourselves on delivering great quality customer service. Each and every single customer is important to us and considered part of our Tri State Metal Company family.

Current Metal News Stories:
June 29th
From its low on December 15 last year to its high on April 22, 2016, iron ore had a spectacular rally, rising 71% in value.  The rebound coincided with optimism that China’s economic slowdown had stopped and was going to stabilize at a growth...
June 24th
Britain's historic vote to leave the European Union sets the stage for an increase in event risk over the next two years as negotiations get underway after the Conservative Party picks a new leader to replace outgoing Prime Minister David Cameron,...
April 10th
Trading at Settlement (TAS) transactions allow traders to enter an order to buy or sell an eligible Gold or Silver futures contract during the trading day with the price of the trade executed at the current day’s settlement price, or at any valid ...
February 12th
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As a leading dealer of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, Tri State Metal Company offers the best scrap metal procurement services in the industry.



Tri State Metal Company maintains the highest commitment to our customers and considers each one to be a valuable asset to our company’s success.