Tri State Metal Company is the industry-leading metals dealer, creating customized scrap management programs for both non-ferrous and ferrous metals. A family business built upon integrity, our customers know they will receive the maximum amount of payment from us in a minimum amount of time. We pay our customers on time, every time.

Tri State Metal Company is focused on providing customers with as much value as possible. Let us provide you with all the necessary shipment equipment, and rely on our fast and flexible fleet of trucks that can pick-up/deliver same-day or whenever to accommodate your specific needs.

Besides our customers, equally important to us is the environment. We strictly adhere to all industry regulations and we’re proud of our record of compliance with all oversight and regulatory agencies.

Tri State Metal Company has a 99% customer retention rate


As an industry-leading scrap dealer, we pride ourselves on delivering great quality customer service. Each and every single customer is important to us and considered part of our Tri State Metal Company family.

Current Metal News Stories:
November 25th
Senior Economist Erik Norland takes a closer look at the economics of the gold versus platinum ratio. Erik explains the various factors that may impact the ratio like mining production, secondary recovery (recycling), as well as industrial and com...
November 23rd
No two investments have louder, more dedicated cheering sections than equities and gold.  Equity investors are optimists. They see growth ahead and view their asset class as a means to benefit from an expanding economy.  Gold bugs are pe...
November 19th
Chief Economist Blu Putnam joins Futures Institute to discuss how the first rate hike in nearly a decade will influence equities more than oil in the coming year.
November 19th
What is the contract symbol for the Lead futures contract? The contract symbol is LED. What are the benefits of this new contract to the individual? Physically-delivered monthly futures contract True intraday price and spread transparency across ...

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As a leading dealer of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, Tri State Metal Company offers the best scrap metal procurement services in the industry.



Tri State Metal Company maintains the highest commitment to our customers and considers each one to be a valuable asset to our company’s success.