Tri-State Metal Company

Company Overview

Tri State Metal Company is a leading dealer of non-ferrous and ferrous materials, procuring scrap from manufacturers located primarily in the Midwest. We deal with a wide variety of grades and types of recyclable materials, with a specialization in non-ferrous materials such as copper, aluminum, brass and zinc. Because we continually upgrade our equipment to provide the best recoveries possible, our yields are the top in the industry.

Our expertise and experience in  open market, mill return and toll programs translates into more price flexibility and protection for you. In addition, we’re committed to keeping overhead costs low, which allows us to pay top prices and in order to guarantee our customers receive the fastest payment possible in the industry.

Tri State Metal Company is dedicated to creating customized scrap management programs tailored to our customers’ unique needs. With a logistics manager on-site, we can determine the most cost-effective routes for pick-up and delivery of freight. While our in-house fleet allows for flexible same day pick-up and delivery, we also can provide necessary shipping containers to ensure a seamless process.