Tri-State Metal Company


As a leading dealer of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, Tri State Metal Company offers the best scrap metal procurement services in the industry. We pride ourselves on creating scrap management programs that are tailored to our customers’ unique business needs. This includes a walk-through of each customer’s facility to ensure our sales team has a thorough understanding of how we can make the scrap metal management process easier – and more profitable – for them. We also maintain close contact with our customers so that we can monitor any changes in their process and adjust their scrap management program accordingly; ensuring we are continually maximizing their revenue.

We accept all alloys and grades of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Because we process over 25 million pounds of metal per month, our understanding of how the markets work is unmatched in the industry. This knowledge allows us to yield the best possible price per pound for our customers.

Tri State Metal Company offers specialized services such as:

  • Complete pick-ups based on customer’s criteria, whether they need on-call or scheduled pick-ups;
  • Provide on-site trailers or containers to make storing and picking up scrap easier and more efficient ;
  • Inspect, weigh and price out the acquired scrap according to the American Metal Market Journal, Platts Metals Week, COMEX or London’s Metal Exchange;
  • Collaborate with sales departments to find the fairest prices that deliver the most return to customers;
  • Supply customers with customized settlement reports detailing the pick-up date and time, amount or pounds of metal, weight and price.

Our scrap metal services are truly end-to-end. After arriving at our facility, scrap is processed and then quickly marketed for sale and direct shipment to our own or third party mills.

A Tri State Metal Company expert can evaluate your business’ unique scrap metal needs and recommend a customized program that’s right for you. Contact us today.